29 sept 2011

1650 en INGLÉS / 1650 in ENGLISH

EDICIÓN: Aquí tenéis al fin el reglamento completo de 1650 en inglés.

EDIT: Here you are finally the complete 1650 rulebook in english.

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  1. ¡Muy bien!

    Personalmente yo uso "band" de la palabra en lugar de "squad" para esta época, sería más auténtica.

    En Inglés en este momento, "grenades" se llama en realidad "grenados".

    Estos son, por supuesto, las cosas pequeñas y puede ser más fácil de entender si las palabras se utilizan modernos.

  2. Mmm... interesting. We'll change those words when we add the next pages.

  3. It's purely my opinion of course. So many English words with a military connotation at that time were corruptions of either French or Spanish terms.

    For me 'band' - a group united for a common purpose is far less formal and is of course related to the Spanish 'banda' both in use and meaning. Gang might be another option, but implies criminality more so.

    I'm quite fascinated by this project, it is quite different to anything else around at the moment! :)

    Es simplemente mi opinión, por supuesto. Palabras en Inglés tantos con una connotación militar en ese momento eran la corrupción de los términos ya sea francés o español.

    Para mí "band" - un grupo unido por un propósito común es mucho menos formal y, por supuesto, en relación con 'banda' del español tanto en el uso y significado. 'Gang' podría ser otra opción, pero implica la criminalidad más.

    Estoy fascinado por este proyecto, es muy diferente a todo lo demás a su alrededor en el momento!

  4. Hi

    This is David, the person who originally edited the book. I'd just comment to say that you do need to decide on whether you want to write for flavour or a common audience.

    For example when editing I left in the term 'clash' - I would use the term 'attack' for a common audience but I left your original term in as a means of establishing flavour.

    So if you want to write something 'flavourful' you might consider Arlequin's suggestions (although contemporary English terms may not be as appropriate for a Spanish setting) while if you are wanting to appeal to the widest audience you might leave the modern terms in.

    Also, while it is good you have had someone else make minor edits on top of the work I did, it would have been nice to have been informed.

  5. Sorry, text cut off. continued:

    If the person doing the edits hasn't got my tracked changes document then I can send it through to ensure they can see where the stylistic changes are.

    Should you be outsourcing your editing, I'd suggest you go over with them in detail your intended audiences and the style you want to use to best reach them. Even within the native English communities there is a noticeable difference between writing for predominantly US or Commonwealth audiences.



  6. Hello, Dave,

    Sorry, but this have been done in a hurry. It was time for having it edited. Anyway, untill we do the final paper book, we'll keep reading it and looking for fails or "strange words", so if you can send us your edited version again, that would be really useful.

    About "band" or not, we usually prefer the flavour, though maybe we have made mistakes.

    P.S. We have edited the link with the complete rulebook.

  7. Awesome, I'll send through the edited doc and also have a look at this complete version.

    There are no mistakes with style, except in maintaining consistency :)

  8. Hi guys,

    I have emailed through a complete edit of the final rules, as well as English edits for the background document. Please let me know if you don't receive it!



  9. Dave's points are quite valid as regards audience and market. Atmosphere and meaning are two different sides of the coin.

    If people get into a game, they will take on board some unique terms like 'Dexstresity' though as part of the game's own culture.

    One glaring thing to me though is repeated use of 'stucked', which I'm guessing you meant to mean 'struck'. In the context it is mostly used 'attack' or 'attacked' is the correct word.

    Other than that, on an initial read through it looks fine and straightforward. I'll have to play a few games! I will continue to push it to the 2 or 3 people who read my blog if you like? :-D

  10. We have edited the rules link again. We hope it's the final version till we make the printed one.