7 may 2011

MUESTRA 1650 en inglés / SAMPLE 1650 in english

POR FIN aquí teneis las primeras 10 páginas del rteglamento de 1650 en inglés.


FINALLY here you are the first 10 pages of 1650 english rulebbok.

7 comentarios:

  1. Hey! Been looking forward to the English rules since you posted your first Contract Cards in Spanish! The first 10 pages make me want to try the game out, but consider someone going over the translation when it's done - there are some mistakes.
    I understand you were probably in a hurry to get this out and thanks for that! :)
    Looking forward to more material in English,

  2. Hello, Luka,

    Can you tell us where did you find the mistakes? There have been 3 people reading it before editing, and if none found them... Well, we'll not find it now XD

    That would be really helpful.

  3. There are one or two typos but that is natural. What mistakes are you seeing?

  4. Can you please give me an address where I can send it to, or should I post it here?

  5. You can put it here, or send us an email to: terciocreativo@hotmail.com

  6. Ok, I've sent the points to mail, because it's maybe a little easier to read.
    Again, don't let it scare you, it's mainly typos and such.
    I'm really looking forward to the rest of the game. Will the whole rulebook be released for free online?

  7. Thanks, Luka, we'll read your email with the rulebook in the other hand ;D

    Of course the rulebook will be released freely. Oh, and the english Contract Cards and Dextresity ones too.